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Samsung galaxy s20 fe- a true fan edition smartphone all are waiting for!

Samsung galaxy S20 fe- review. Samsung recently unveiled its new Galaxy S20 Fe flagship,the Galaxy S20 fan edition. Let's have a look at its fan edition features and how is it different to other S20 flagships. How this will be a true fan edition smartphone ?!  the first thing everyone wants in a Samsung flagship is Super AMOLED Plus high refresh rate,the Galaxy S20 fe brings exactly that. Here is a 6.5 inch super amoled FHD plus display with   120 hertz refresh rate.240 hertz touch sampling and well that's pretty awesome exactly what the fans want. It's not just the display,the Galaxy S20 fe design also has a lot of other flagship features that every one of us wants,not just fans. So the Galaxy S20 fe owns the ip68 water and dust resistance rating, fast wireless charging support even with its plastic back and also there are good loud stereo speakers. all  these are actually true flagship features.  Another thing that fans want is great camera performance.  on the sp

Poco x3-successor of the most popular poco x2-review and impressions.

 Poco x3- overview Poco X3  is a new mid range smartphone powered by the new Snapdragon 732G SOC has a 6.67 full HD Plus IPS LCD screen with 120 herts refresh rate. This is the successor to the Poco X2 and they have changed a few things not too much but let's have a look at Poco X3. Again this having reality flow 120 hertz. so we are still having the on 120 hertz refresh rate on this one. and if you go towards the back this one is having the new Snapdragon 732 G processor and you could say this is the combination of the 730 G and the 720 the best of both. It's based on 8 NM process. Now they have increased the battery,6000 mah, the old Poco X2 if you recall was 4500 so it will be interesting. It has a 64 megapixel quad camera but on this one the original X2 that 64 megapixel was the Sony imx686, on this one it's Sony imx682. This is the 6 gigabyte Ram variant with 128 gigabytes of storage and there will be also one more variant with Six gigabytes of Ram and 64GB storage.and

One plus nord,king of 2020-budget priced,an overview

One plus nord- Review. One plus nord is the best valued allround smartphone this year.this is a phone that is ver easy to like,very easy to recommend,i think a lot of reviewers are going to be crowning the one plus nord as like the best android smartphone in this kind of price the 28 k price point,this is the king for 2020.its that good. If you look at the performance to the price is nothing really beats it. There is stuff that's comparable right a lot of people are bringing up you know Phone x and phone's got similar hardware but if you are looking for  that has really clean software ,great support, years of software support this kind of sticks out as being special. It's so good to the point where even its own brother or cousin like the one plus 8 ,this looks wierdly overpriced in comparison to the one plus nord. The screen is 90 hertz ,superfluid, very fast ,flat edges, there is no accidental miss clicks or swipes like I frequently get on the oneplus 8 P

Realme 7 pro,the most awaited

 Realme 7 pro-Review.        Realme  recently launched the realme 7 and realme 7 Pro which is a Latter bringing in some really good upgrades,Some nice changes and some really interesting features .but also at a slightly higher price. One of the biggest issues I have had with phones in this sub 20k price segment is the fact they are all too big .be it the poco x2 there will be no time pro max or even the realme 6 Pro.compared to those phones I like the fact that the real me 7 Pro is well More handy. In my user , there hasn't a day which i felt like the phone is too big or too heavy. it's very comfortable to use and it's very important .to put things into a little perspective, here is the dimensions and weight comparison of the realme 7 Pro ,poco x2 and the redmi note 9 Pro Max.  The realme seven professional may be a very little smaller than each of them and lighter 182 grams.   I might feel the distinction in weight whereas i used to be. Now one Bammer when it comes to

Samsung galaxy M31s,2020- new entrant in M series-features and review

 Samsung Galaxy M31 s-Review          Samsung Galaxy M31s is the latest entrant in the affordable segment a M series. In this review we discuss about whether the phone is a good buy for the price and compare it with the competition .it is the most improved Samsung smartphone in 2020.          Samsung is notorious for launching budget smartphone with somewhat questionable specifications but the company has really pulled its act together in 2020. In fact the company is MCV s or devices launcher this year  can actually give the competition a very good Run for their money and the brands latest m31 s is a good phone too and I feel that this will find its way into a lot of pockets of prospective buyers. Samsung Galaxy M31 S is a good looking smartphone and the company has definitely spruced up the design when compared  to the M21 for even the m31 but the fact remains that this is not the best looking smartphone  in the segment. Especially with the devices like all glass device like t

Kawasaki ninja 650, 2020 new look-detailed review.

Kawasaki ninja 650- A detailed review.                2020 the Kawasaki Ninja 650 gets a new look ,some more features and a bsr Compliant engine. And it also come together really well. The password these days in the Indian two wheeler market is bs6 over the last few months we have seen manufacturers launch a slew of bs6 compliant motorcycles. and while at it they have also used this opportunity to give their motorcycles a makeover. Case in point it's a New Kawasaki Ninja 650. Now it looks like a new motorcycle. But it  shares a lot  in common with the BS4 motorcycle. So let's find out what the bs6 upgrade brings to the Kawasaki Ninja 650.                The motorcycle is essentially based on the 2017 Ninja 650. The 2020 Ninja 650 has more attention it look attractive from the moment we saw. It has to do with the new Ninja family face on that we have also seen on the Ninja 400 and the the Ninja zx6r.                  The favourite bits are the sharp twin LED headlamps and ne

Yamaha Xsr 155- the retro king-modern stylish bike.

 Yamaha Xsr 155- A detailed review.            This is Yamaha's entry into what is now a fairly popular category of entry level bikes in Asia with this kind of retro modern styling. This sort of competes with the Honda CB 150 and the Kawasaki w175 sort of in the same category. They are all roughly around 3000 US dollars and three and half thousand US dollars and they are all roughly around sort of 155to 175 cc engine size .this is a brand new bike. This bike actually only came out in last year in terms of the category that's in. This is one of the best looking bikes in this category of the entry level 150 to 175 CC class. It's really nicely proportioned. it does come in a bunch of colorways. It is just a very attractive looking bike .definitely it's a bit more modern looking than the 175 from Kawasaki. The Xsr 155 shares the same engine as the Mt 15 which is powered by a 155.1 cc single overhead cam liquid cooled single cylinder engine that punches out 19.3 horsepow