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One plus nord,king of 2020-budget priced,an overview

One plus nord- Review.

One plus nord is the best valued allround smartphone this year.this is a phone that is ver easy to like,very easy to recommend,i think a lot of reviewers are going to be crowning the one plus nord as like the best android smartphone in this kind of price the 28 k price point,this is the king for 2020.its that good. If you look at the performance to the price is nothing really beats it. There is stuff that's comparable right a lot of people are bringing up you know Phone x and phone's got similar hardware but if you are looking for  that has really clean software ,great support, years of software support this kind of sticks out as being special. It's so good to the point where even its own brother or cousin like the one plus 8 ,this looks wierdly overpriced in comparison to the one plus nord.

The screen is 90 hertz ,superfluid, very fast ,flat edges, there is no accidental miss clicks or swipes like I frequently get on the oneplus 8 Pro. the build is good it feels very oneplus like the actual Heft and weight of the device feels good ,feels like a solid device but it definitely looks less premium to Me like the texture on the side trim like it's a plastic there is just a bit of a kind of wobble to the finish. it's not like a perfectly smooth finish like it would be if it was metal. and it just gives this slightly less premium look to it .if you are being picky and if you are looking for it .but the actual build of the phone seems quite good  for one with the plastic frame .the back material is glass and i like it .I don't think there is kind of issues with a plastic framed phone like this at least not structurally .it is never going to be as strong as a metal phone for sure right .but I think they did good for a for 28 k phone.

the battery on this thing is excellent it charges up really fast. it took just over 50 minutes to go from 0 to 100 percentage like the full fill up .and the screen on time 9, may be 10 hours some days it's just a very comfortable full day battery. the processor so this was where I thought there would be some deficiencies but it is quite hard to notice a difference. like this is from someone who is looking for differences right so there is the occasional hiccups when you are watching embedded videos on certain websites if you are on scrolling and there is a video playing ,sometimes it can stutter for a split second and for gaming I thought there would be a more noticeable difference like when they mention that the Snapdragon 765 you know you would notice it most in 3D games .you can notic  it but it's not like the games are unplayable like I would be very content ,playing most games on this phone The Snapdragon 765 is perfectly good. so something I don't like is the mono speaker,it doesn't have wireless charging, doesn't have any water resistance. it's not the biggest deal ,but I do miss wireless charging in particular and I don't like the vibration motor. it's quite weak so if you are someone who prefers strong haptic feedback on the phone you will be a little bit disappointed with the one on the oneplus nord.

 Camera system is fairly good camera system. I don't think it was something that was unexpected. I think that the photos that are coming of this thing are pretty much what I would have expected from a 28k oneplus phone. now oneplus is marketing it as flagship camera it's the headlining feature they have on their website. but when you put it against some Ligit flagship cameras it doesn't really hold up. the images are very similar to the oneplus 8 .I would say it's a bit softer and the colours look a little flatter on the nord. the Ultra wide camera isn't as good to me .the images look more washed out here .it's nice to have like i always prefer ultrawide over zooms.image quality on this ultra wide sensor isn't  fantastic. I think the on plus 8 shoots better ultrawides than the note .and same thing goes for the 8 pro and like the iPhone 11 obviously. The low light-weight photos area unit pretty smart I really suppose that the night shot photos area unit cleaner on the nord than the oneplus eight . I was a touch stunned by that the photograph simply keep a great deal of the detail even in very dark conditions.the Macro lens, the third lens taking place is terrible .like if you verify the oneplus eight professional those macro photos area unit fantastic.smartphone. compared to this thing it's just really bad. the one plus nord instead of having 6 cameras had 3 may be even just two cameras one in the front and one in the back,forget the zooms and Ultra wide  just one really good sensor. so the camera system the one plus nord is good but I would consider it to be like a b tier camera system. It's not on par with like a pixel or the iPhone 11's or the p40 pro from Hauwei or even its own one plus 8 Pro ,those are all truly flagship camera systems this is not. If photography is that's very valuable to you I would look somewhere else. as attractive as this phone is for its price point .I would go for like a pixel 3A or even the upcoming 4a, because those take better photos.

Time for the conclusion , so the one plus nord starts at 28000. the main USP of one plus node is the whole oneplus experience with oxygen OS which is ad free, bloat free and just very good. It is also very well rounded, 90 hertz, AMOLED great design ,liable performance, good cameras both in front and the back, decent battery and very fast charging. One plus nord is the better option to go at this price point.


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