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Samsung galaxy M31s,2020- new entrant in M series-features and review

 Samsung Galaxy M31 s-Review

         Samsung Galaxy M31s is the latest entrant in the affordable segment a M series. In this review we discuss about whether the phone is a good buy for the price and compare it with the competition .it is the most improved Samsung smartphone in 2020.
  Samsung is notorious for launching budget smartphone with somewhat questionable specifications but the company has really pulled its act together in 2020. In fact the company is MCV s or devices launcher this year  can actually give the competition a very good Run for their money and the brands latest m31 s is a good phone too and I feel that this will find its way into a lot of pockets of prospective buyers.
Samsung Galaxy M31 S is a good looking smartphone and the company has definitely spruced up the design when compared  to the M21 for even the m31 but the fact remains that this is not the best looking smartphone  in the segment. Especially with the devices like all glass device like the Poco X2 and the Poco M2 bro around. as you might have guessed it then the Galaxy m31 S has been constructed using polycarbonate and once again it doesn't look bad. in fact this is the first Galaxy M series phone to spot a gradient finish which instantly makes the stand out from its monochromatic siblings. The finish is quite gorgeous too and you can also pick up the smartphone in an equally attractive Miraj black paint jobs and miraj blue yes the Galaxy M31 s is definitely among the better looking phones out there and you won't be disappointed with its looks not in the slightest .and while it might fall short of the Poco X2 premium in hand feel.

 the back of the phone curves certainly which allowes to grip it better and the polycarbonate finish isn't as slippery as the glass back of its competitors either. The phone isn't that heavy at 203 grams but then again it also packs in a massive 6000 mah battery.for now you should know is that m31s looks good, feels great and is quite manageable to hold with just one hand .i also like the functional changes the company has introduced with the new s model .for one Unlike the M31 the m31 s  now comes with side mounted fingerprint sensor which is extremely quick and responsive .plus I prefer the new location as it makes it so that my thumb aligns with the sensor at the second i pickup the phone. there is a facial recognition on board too however that is a little hit and miss , while it unlocks the phone in a jiffy when there is ample light it struggles to do so when I am in a dark or a dimly lit room. The smartphone still retains its headphone jack and it offers what I would call a good mono firing speaker .it's not the best in class. I think under rupees 20000 the Oppo A52 with its stereo speaker setup actually takes the cake for that but it gets it does the job and it gets adequately loud. Now the volume rocker on the other hand could have been positioned it  stands it's too far up the phones right hand Spine and I would have rather the company utilise their space on the left which only houses the phones two Plus one sim tray. so every time I had to change the volume level either had to use two hands for readjust my grip with one hand and I will admit it is a little annoying.other than that the phone comes with a USB version 2.0 type C port at the bottom and quiet interestingly the handset also comes with at type C2 type C cable and charger much like you will get on the company's flagship series of Smartphones. One last bit of information you should know is that the m31 s's vibration motor is really bad and typing on the phone is not a pleasant experience. now I much prefer the one on the one fusion plus from Motorola and that haptic feedback is much superior to what you get with the m31s .so if you are big on texting make note of this.

           The Samsung Galaxy m31 S marks a first for the company in the display department too and it's the first phone under rupees 20000 to ship with a centrally aligned Punch hole super amoled display. The panel measures in at 6.5 inches offers a full HD plus resolution and comes with a refresh weight of 60 hertz .so it's clearly not the snappiest display in the segment and I will admit ,I would have liked to see the company finally bring a high refresh rate screen to its budget M series .but the display on the m31 as more than makes up for it by offering an excellent media consumption experience. the screen is plenty vivid and offers deep dark blacks and has no colour shifting issues either. After that the phone's white wine L1 certification and I can guarantee that you will enjoy watching shows and movies on the phone. and if you are more of a youtube person then you will be glad to know that the phone also comes with HDR 10 certification for YouTube ask for how bright the screen gets well it offers at least brightness of 600 nits and during my stint with the phone I didn't struggle to use it out doors at all. there is a layer of Corning'sGorilla Glass version 3 present on top too which should prevent scratches to a certain degree. I Would Still advise you put a screen protector. Now on good thing I always like about Samsung smartphone especially the ones that come with Super AMOLED displays is that they come with a fantastic always on display like this one. and you get the exact same thing with M31 s2. It's quite customisable and you can download additional clock faces from the company's Galaxy theme Store and it doesn't consume all that much battery either.which is an added bonus and for all the gamers in the audience that touch sample rate maxes out at 180 samples per second which is good enough for fast paced action shooters like Call of Duty mobile and the display is plenty responsible for Sach games.
Now the Samsung Galaxy m31 S is a dual sim phone but it also comes with a dedicated micro SD card slot so you can expand the storage and your connectivity options at the same time on the phone .the m31 s doesn't omit any major sensors either and you will get all the essential ones including an ambient light sensor, a proximity sensor and an Electronic Compass to which should help you figure out which way you are looking on apps like Google Maps.

Now the biggest issue that take with the Samsung Galaxy m31 S is that it still uses the Exynos 9611 Octa Core In all honesty it's not a bad processor and it can handle day today task and casual gaming. just fine but that going for a Snapdragon 720 g or 730 g chip or Just a newer  Exynos chip would have helped the M31 s's case a lot more.but rather than judging the phone on the specs it should have had let's talk about its performance with the specs it does .so the phone comes with the  128GB of ufs 2.1 storage, 6 GB of ipdr4x memory and the Exynos 9611 Octa Core processor. Now when using the phones for day today tasks like messaging,calls and web browsing I didn't notice any slowdowns in the interphase .dialling it up a notch,there was some occasional Slow Down When I had have 5 to 6 apps in memory  and when I was jumping from one app to the other. In fact the phone also struggled in keeping resource hungry apps like Instagram and Chrome and memory at the times and it would often reload the app .annoying sure a deal-breaker not at all. The smartphone Can run intensive games like pubg and call of duty well. however you will have to play pubg on smooth graphics setting for the best results. there were some frame drops even then but for the most part the gaming experience was pretty good .one thing i want  to clarify right now is that while the M31 s can play pubg  at HDR and Ultra that doesn't make it a better gaming phone when compared to devices like the Poco X2, as there are too many frame drops when playing pubg on the  M31 s at that while the  M31 s does an okay  job but at running graphically intensive titles do keep your expectations in check.

          Now the Samsung Galaxy M31 s is the most improvement in the camera department and it comes with a 64 megapixel Sony imx682 sensor at the back. the rest of the sensors on the rear comprise a 12 megapixel Ultra Wide Angle lens ,a 5 megapixel macrosensor and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. for selfies the smart phone gets 32 megapixel Sony imx616 sensor upfront. The m31s is a fantastic camera phone and it outputs excellent images during the daylight. shots from the smartphones rear camera,the images look a tad dramatic. they do have odors of details and excellent dynamic range. I really like this about the main camera on the M31 s. it made equal Emphasis to both the bright and dark spots in a shot and brought out the information from them adequately. Same goes for the close ups too which offers excellent details and a good natural bokeh effect. the smartphone does blotch up the reds even with the scene optimised. I also quite like the wide angle Sensor on the phone which offers the best corner sharpness out of any wide angle shooter under rupees 20000. the m31 s has a very usable wide-angle Shooter.the Macro sensor  on the M31 s is quite usable too as it offered a sharp image at a distance of around 5 cm from the subject. With relatively good details as compared to what i could get from competing  devices .now it doesn't offer tap to focus so you will have to spend it on getting the focus is just right but the results are well worth it. In a similar fashion the low light shots are Quite possible too with both the night mode disabled and enabled. I noticed the handset to a closer crop of the photo with the night mode enabled .so you might want to take a few steps back when you turn it on to capture the original scene. It does bring about noticeable refinement in your photo and doesn't just increase the brightness but also resolves lens pairing better. If you loves the phone's  front camera more then you will love the m31s 32 megapixel front facing sensor which clicks excellent selfies. with all the beautification features turned off the selfies outputted by the phone showcase good colours, natural looking skin tones and little to no skin softening.further more The Portrait mode worked brilliantly too and the bokeh effect was excellent from the phones front-facing camera and if you are looking to click photos after the sunset well the m31 s will do a serviceable job even then as the flash through does bring out the details in the face. now there is an option to record videos in 4K 30fps from the front camera too,the audio captured from the built in microphone is loud enough.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 s is actually very good at taking videos the only limitation is that you cannot shoot 1080P 60fps videos with the phone . here the Samsung Galaxy m31 S also comes with the company's one UI 2.0 on top of Android 10.  Furthurmore the smartphone also comes with oodles of customisation features and from changing the default icons the clock face or the on display to the overall theme of the phone you can do all of that on the Samsung Galaxy m31 s. now it doesn't support samsung's good lock features which is a little disappointing but that is not present on any M series I can't really fault the m31s for that either. Now on the Bright Side the handset does come with the latest Google security patch and I have been informed by the brand that the m31 s will get four years of security updates as well as support for Android 12.consequently you shouldn't worry about software updates with the M31 s in your pockets. now on last thing the m31 s  doesn't come with support for native screen recording so you will probably have to download a third party screen recording app to use in the phone but you do get the option to record calls on the phone which you can enable by going into the dialler settings. Now as for the battery life smartphone comes with their 25 Watt charger which managed to completely charge the battery from 0 to 100 in 1 hour and 45 minutes. The phone plugged in for an Hour the battery refueled to 60% which is quite nice considering .the n31 s had no issues seeing me through the end of a heavy work day .on an average I would get 6 hours of screen on time with the phone. 

Samsung Galaxy m31 S starts at rupees 19500 for the 6 GB 128 GB variant that I tested and for the price it's actually a pretty good obviously if you are all about performance, you might want to check out the Poco X2 or the Moto one fusion plus but provided you are not going to play a lot of games on your phone. this is actually a very good Phone ,it comes with great cameras, it has a stunning display, Excellent battery life and samsung is even promising a lot of software updates with the phone.

              Let me tell you that M31 s is quiet manageable to use even with just one hand.


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