Yamaha Xsr 155- the retro king-modern stylish bike.

 Yamaha Xsr 155-
A detailed review.

           This is Yamaha's entry into what is now a fairly popular category of entry level bikes in Asia with this kind of retro modern styling. This sort of competes with the Honda CB 150 and the Kawasaki w175 sort of in the same category. They are all roughly around 3000 US dollars and three and half thousand US dollars and they are all roughly around sort of 155to 175 cc engine size .this is a brand new bike. This bike actually only came out in last year in terms of the category that's in. This is one of the best looking bikes in this category of the entry level 150 to 175 CC class. It's really nicely proportioned. it does come in a bunch of colorways. It is just a very attractive looking bike .definitely it's a bit more modern looking than the 175 from Kawasaki.
The Xsr 155 shares the same engine as the Mt 15 which is powered by a 155.1 cc single overhead cam liquid cooled single cylinder engine that punches out 19.3 horsepower at 10000 RPM And 14.7 Newton metres of torque at 8500 RPM. Yamaha's variable valve actuation Technology allows the engine to always have enough torque No matter where you are in the rev range. Its got an upside down Telescopic fork upfront with a monoshock operating on a die cast aluminium swing arm at the back. Stopping power is taken care of by a single caliper and router up friend and a single rotor and caliper combo at the rear. Unfortunately this model does not come with ABS.

            Tank capacity is 10 litres and should have an average of just under 49 kilometre per litre which is pretty damn good. The bike is seated with 17 inch wheels with 110 by 70 front tyre and a 140 by 70 rear tyre.

               The headlight of the 155 is actually nicer than that of the 700. It is already LED and its daytime running. The dash is quite similar to that of the 700 and 900. It's circular and it's minimalist. But it gives you all the necessary details. It has the speedometer ,Tachometer,odometre ,fuel gauge, turn signal indicators and neutral indicator. it also shows gear position indicator, a clock ,2 trip metres ,average and current fuel consumption and average speed. The 700 and 900 have a lot of bolt on and bolt of of parts because of customisation. The 155 follows that Same Idea. and the people who would buy this would use it has a blank canvas so that they could add their personal touch.

            the seat height is 810 mili metre and the ground clearance is 170 Mili metre slightly lower than xsr 700 but not much. The gearbox is pretty damn good .shifting is smooth with the inclusion of an assist and slipper clutch. The clutch Lever is so easy to operate and you can find neutrals with no problem whatsoever. the ride will be really smooth .you can leave it actually on third gear and just Cruise around the city. Just like its bigger siblings the position of the horn is kind of strange. It's not where it is normally  is on the other bikes. The bike is perfect for beginners. it is easy to ride, it's enjoyable ,it looks good, it's stress free ,it's fun and it's from a brand that is known for its reliability.

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