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The wait is over,new stunning honda hornet 2.0 is here,get a detailed review.

Honda Hornet 2.0-an overview and impressions. This is the review of the honda hornet 2.0. and finally the wait is over,the gold anodized folks look absolutely stunning and the bike itself is a big surprise launch from honda. so how does it feel to ride and every detail that you need to know about this motorcycle is what's coming up in this review. so i'll give you a quick overview. so this is the honda hornet 2.0,one of the most anticipated bikes of this let's look at what this bike has. on offer powering the bike is the same 184.4 cc single cylinder, air cooled fuel-injected engine derived from the 190r that's been selling in indonesia and other parts of asia.however the power plant here in india is bs6 compliant and puts out a max power of 17.3 ps at 8500 rpm and a max torque of 16.1 newton meters at 6000 rpm and we get a 5 speed gearbox. now there are five things that i'd like to highlight about this bike that make it kind of stand out from the rest in

Honda H'ness cb350 -the retro honda to take on the royal enfield classic 350.

 Honda highness CB350- Review The curiously named honda highness CB350 is coming soon to take on the royal enfield classic 350.lets have a look on the retro india has introduced the new highness cb350.its challenger in a segment dominated by the royal enfield classic 350. let's discuss about the design first and it's clear that the honda highness cb350 is inspired by the old honda cb motorcycles. and oozes that typical retro charm.the round led headlamp the way the 50 meter fuel tank is shaped and the chrome fenders instantly remind you of yesterday's motorcycles.while the y spoke alloy wheels add that touch of modernity to the design.overall the looks are one of its strongest usbs.the motorcycle is available in two variants dlx and dlx pro. the pro versions feature dual tone paint dual horns and additional features which we'll get to later. on to the chassis and honda's built this motorcycle completely from the ground up. it employs the new half dup

What is zoom app- how to use it-how can we conduct a zoom meeting?!

Zoom App- a brief tutorial. Here, we will explain the features within the web conferencing tool "zoom". zoom allows instructors to facilitate a virtual classroom where they can host  lectures,manage online group work and so forth.before you can use zoom in Moodle you will need a zoom Pro account .go to the ITRC website,go to forms and click request, an ISU zoom account fill out the form and your request will be processed. you will only need to create one session per course. turn editing to  go to the desired area click add an activity or resource in the activities area ,choose zoom meeting and click Add comb through the edit settings adjust desired preferences. now  your meeting is set. click on the meeting and then click join meeting. open the zoom launcher and zoom will open on the screen. a pop-up window will appear asking to connect audio click, join audio conference by computer to proceed once. you've reached the home window, you will se

Oppo F17 pro, 2020-the stylish and premium smartphone that you love.

Oppo F17 pro- first impressions. the new oppo f17 pro is that now oppo has been hyping up quite a bit. so what's new with the f17 , pro what's the hype all about, what's in the box of the oppo f17 pro. so in the box you get a transparent silicon case, earphones,the usbc cable,the 30 watt fast charger and the good looking oppo f17 pro. i was expecting a beautiful looking smartphone because i've seen the promos and everything and there are two major highlights of the f17 pro,that is the design and the cameras. taking it one by one the oppo f17 pro is obviously a very stylish looking phone especially with the matte glass finish and the pattern and what really stunning is the striking blue color and a slight purple hue around the edges. and it looks really good with the light falling on this is a beautiful looking smartphone but what really impressive about the oppo f17 pro is how compact and lightweight this is. most of the smart phones that we use recently ar