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Iphone 12 mini-detailed review.

Iphone 12 mini-detailed review. this is the one that's most interesting to me personally,because of its size. i like the way they feel in your hand, i like how they fit in your pocket. i'm going to focus on two things in regards to the mini,number one -the kind of size,the benefits and negatives that come with small size phone like this. secondly i want to focus on battery life, because that was one of the major concerns i had about this phone.when you go small like this you can only shrink components to a certain amount and the battery in here is a lot smaller physically than the other phones.the iphone 12 mini,this is an even smaller phone than the iphone's incredibly nice to hold in your's not as small as like the original sc,but it's still very compact and very one-handable now .despite being such a compact phone the screen size is very respectable. it's a lot bigger than the current's just like so much more real estate on the 12 mi

Micromax in note 1,new micromax smartphone after all the wait.

Micromax in note 1-An overview. after the wait we finally gotten hands o n the new micromax smartphones. there's a lot of hype around this phone because the two specs ratio seems pretty good . with the micromax in note 1 you get the 18 watt charging adapter, the usb to usbc cable, the sim ejector tool, some manuals and that's it.there's no case or anything else anyway moving on to the phone itself. there are two things that caught my attention, i mean this is a plastic bag and it's fine for a phone at this price. now the second thing i noticed first up is that this is quite a big phone. i know it looks pretty usual in the photos but in the hand it does feel kind of big as for the weighs in 195 drops so i wouldn't call this hefty but, this big design makes way for a bigger screen this is a 6.6 inch, ips lcd 1080p display with the punch hole design. so it's a modern looking display and i like that micromax went with full hd unlike some makers who put

Royal Enfield meteor 350,better than thunderbird?,A detailed review.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350. An overview. This is the new royal enfield meteor 350.the new gold standard for royal enfield have gotten a hang of the success formula ever since the 650 twins happened and this is like a perfect sequel to that blockbuster launch.running you through the concept behind this launch royal enfield want to celebrate the true cruiser spirit and highlight the city by concept hailing from the legendary lightning 535 motorcycle of the 90 s and the thunderbird which now remain as a cult classic .a bike that would be just as easy to ride through the city as much as one would enjoy cruising through the highways and mind you they have not just stopped,there they have given us everything we want.we can call this bike as the royal enfield fan edition, because almost everything a true royal enfield fanboy craved for has been provided in this motorcycle. starting with the design,you get a proper low slung cruiser design with the neo retro cruiser concept

How to lose your weight Follow a balanced diet

  How to lose your weight  Being overweight or obese can lead to a range of health problems. A balanced lifestyle and nutrients diet are the key to healthful living and better weight control. Carrying excess body weight can increase the risk of serious health problems.,including heart desease, hypertension and diabetes. Every overweight person wants to lose that extra baggage,  but that involves a lot of committment and discipline. Follow a balanced diet - it is important  to follow food rules that would help you to get rid of fat slowly, but permanently.  Drink water  - this is the first step towards weight loss. Water keeps you hydrated, increase metabolism and keep you filled for long.  Reduce sugar intake  - sugar is high in empty calories  and slow down your metabolism. It leads to obesity and heart related issues. So it is advised to reduce intake of sugar.  Eat more protein  - add more proteins in your diet include dal,eggs and soya products on a daily basis. Protein kee