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Iphone 12 mini-detailed review.

Iphone 12 mini-detailed review.

this is the one that's most interesting to me personally,because of its size. i like the way they feel in your hand, i like how they fit in your pocket. i'm going to focus on two things in regards to the mini,number one -the kind of size,the benefits and negatives that come with small size phone like this. secondly i want to focus on battery life, because that was one of the major concerns i had about this phone.when you go small like this you can only shrink components to a certain amount and the battery in here is a lot smaller physically than the other phones.the iphone 12 mini,this is an even smaller phone than the iphone's incredibly nice to hold in your's not as small as like the original sc,but it's still very compact and very one-handable now .despite being such a compact phone the screen size is very respectable. it's a lot bigger than the current's just like so much more real estate on the 12 mini and it's an awesome screen. it's an oled panel,high pixel density,great're going to like this screen,the notch and the bezels on the 12 mini are actually a little bit smaller than the other three iphone 12s. the notch is a bit smaller and the bezels are just a little bit thinner than the rest of the iphone 12 family.but the functionality of face id and that front-facing camera remain unchanged across all four phones. so the physical characteristics of the iphone 12 mini are how you'd expect ,easy to hold, easy to use and very compact.

the battery life on the 12 mini is respectable better than i thought. it would be definitely better than the sc and it's just a solid battery life not as good as the pro max.a big shrink in phone size you're gonna have shorter battery life.but the other thing i noticed is that on the 12 mini it seems to be more affected by your type of content which you views more. so battery life on the iphone 12 mini is solid.but if you're someone who uses dark mode on your phone and you view dark websites it'll just go a little bit further than you would expect. that's basically the iphone 12 mini.
small phones are not common in 2020 and i think they're actually quite difficult to do properly . if you look at the regular iphone 12 and compared to the iphone 12 mini,all the components that are in here are in here as well and they don't shrink it coming's not like the camera module gets smaller it's not like the ram and the soc and like all the components inside. here they don't get smaller when you put it into the 12 mini.they stay the same size and it's a challenge to fit all that into a much smaller you have to shrink the battery and you have to make some compromises.for example the wireless charging magsafe charging is a little bit slower on this one and the speakers on the mini don't sound as rich as the 12.even though they're really close. when you go to the smaller phone you're going to take a hit. but the way that apple's done it is that the hit is almost feels like they did a really good job in the shrink and seemingly no one else is doing it. even apple couldn't do this last year. this is the first time they've had a small phone that was this good. i do wish the pricing was a little bit better. but apple's pricing is always going to be that way it seems.


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