Ola electric scooter with fabulous features to win the market

Ola electric scooter  to be the trend.

Ola electric scooter
Ola electric scooter

ola electric scooter has finally been launched in india. there's been huge interest in the
scooter ever since it was revealed.


the scooter Is available in two trims s1 and s1 pro. 


ola claims to have designed an electric
motor with a peak output of 8.5 kilowatts where ather 450 x has the motor with a peak output of 6 kilowatts.while both variants of the ola electrics  have the same motor,the top speed and claim performance differ.


the ola s1 can accelerate from 0 to 40 kph
in 3.6 seconds and 0 to 60 in 7 seconds.while the top speed is 90 kph.the higher end ola s1 pro variant sprints from 0 to 40 in 3 seconds flat while 60 kph comes up in 5 seconds the
claim top speed is 115 kph.


the torque of the motor shot for both
variants is 58 newton meters and they
have similar gradability at 12 degrees.

Battery capacity.

the ola s1 pro has a 3.97 kilowatt-hour
battery capacity.


 the range is a whopping 181 kilometers
the s1 pro's claim range is much more than every other e-scooter on sale.While simple one electric scooter that has a claimed
range of 240 km. 
using a portable 750 watt home charger
the s1 pro can be juiced up to full in 6
hours and 30 minutes.
the base ola s1 model gets a smaller
2.98 kilowatt battery and hence the
claim range drops to 121 kilometers
the s1 will take 4 hours and 48 minutes
to charge with the home charger
once the company's fast charger network
is established it claims that 18 minutes
of charging can give you 75 kilometers
of range.


Ola electric scooter
Ola electric scooter

  s1 is available in 5 colors whilethe  pro gets 5 additional color options.


 .proximity lock 
 .unlock a remote boot lock with a huge            36litres of boot space
 .tft display
. inbuilt navigation 
.bluetooth connectivity
. produce various customizable sounds
 played via a set of in-built speakers
. hill hold and cruise control as well as     reverse feature
.the display is customizable 
. built-in maps with real-time traffic assist to keep you updated about changing traffic. . live location tracking
. remote battery 
.health alerts.
.the scooter can also be controlled using
 your voice


At the rear the scooter rides on 12 inch wheels with fat tires,braking duties are taken care of by a 220 mm disc at the front and the 180 mm.


the ola s1 costs rs 99999
while the s1 pro cost rupees 1.3 lakh.

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