Simple energy one ,will you get 240 km of range,features and more?!


Simple one electric scooter....

Simple energy one
Simple energy one

The simple one electric scooter from simple energy is making a is awaited by many of the people.lets detail about it.

Chain drive system.

an unuasual thing about simple one electrc scooter is it's driven by a chain which is rare because you usually see electric scooters that are either driven by hub motors or a belt drive system.the chain drive system is likely to be noisier than a hub motor or belt drive.but they says it has chosen it for its transmission efficiency as well as to keep costs low.


permanent magnet motor with a nominal output of 4.5 kilowatt and peak power of 7 kilowatt which  promises 0 to 40 kph in 2.95 seconds and that's faster.

Battery system.

 the battery system on this is also unusual. cumulative capacity is 4.8 kilowatt hours but that split between a fixed battery pack under the floorboard as well as a removable battery pack under the seat.its 3.2 kilowatt hours. 

Top speed.

 the top speed  is 105 kilometers an hour in eco mode.

Another unique feature of simple one is built-in tire pressure.

monitoring system is quite Impressive at this price point.

Curb weight.

Simple one has a coated curb weight of10 kilograms which makes it a whole lot Lighter than the ola s1 pro and only 2 Kgs heavier than the aether 450x.

underseat storage space is also Impressive at 30 liters .you will have enough space to store an ec approved Full face helmet.

 bookings are Already open for an amount of 1947 rupees and  hopes to begine Deliveries by the end of this year.

Simple one sounds great..but we stilk have to ride and observe how well it can perform.then lets wait for the launch.

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