Preparations for ignou exams.previous year question papers,assignments

How to prepare for IGNOU exams...

  As the IGNOU students,you all will be worried about how to prepare, how to write and how much should we write in the exam. we know ignou text book contains vast syllabus and so it might be harder to student s to study because they have no awareness on it.actually the textbook are designed simply as the students can learn themselves easily. We all  have a problem that we didn't study or get in touch with the textbook earlier.we will be worried and start to study only at the time of exam. this makes the textbook more harder to study. but we can solve this issue by making good preparations.

When you prepare for the exams always remember;

1- clearly read and find the block and how many units are there to study. while reading the unit you get to know the topics and get an idea about the content of the book.

2- in every unit there will be an introduction about the unit,it briefly describe the content of the unit so you will get a basic idea about the unit.

3- don't forget to check your progress, solve the questions and make sure you can answer it well." check your progress" part in the test book is very important that sometimes we see the same questions as repeatation in the question paper.

4- the very important thing to prepare for exam is previous year question papers. for a newbie they won't know the patterns of IGNOU they have to analyse the previous year question papers of the minimum 5 they could get a clear idea about the exam. while analysing the question papers, you can find the repeating questions,then note down it and study the repeated questions clearly.

Download question papers with this link;


*  don't take much time for this,you have to adjust it in a short minutes you must have a time schedule and set a goal.

(example:I will study three chapters in one day ) study according to your goal and schedule.

*  be careful to avoid the distracting mobile phone when you study. Keep it away for some time and keep concentrated in your study with self discipline and just get away with the unnecessary apps in the phone which distract serious about the preperations that an IGNOU student should be more dedicated.


•  when you prepare for the exam take important notes in the textbook as pointwise in a white paper and if you read it on the exam day you will get a brief idea about the text and you can go through what you learn in a short time.

•  you can find previous year question papers and previous assignments from the IGNOU site and if you analyse the assignments  you will get a very good marks in exams.analysing previous question paper and previous assignments only will help you to get 80 plus mark in exam.

•  while writing exams the answers should be relevant,as it is ignou you will not get any mark for irrelevant answers,they will check the papers thoroughly.

•  remember to write exams in paragraph as in the format of introduction ,content and conclusion.

So all the best and keep preparing...

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