Capture Clear and Detailed Footage with the REDTIGER Dash Cam


The REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear is a feature-packed device that offers 4K/2.5K Full HD recording, built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, and a 3.16″ IPS screen. With its wide-angle lens, superior night vision, and reliable accident recording features, this dash cam promises to capture clear and detailed footage for your peace of mind on the road.

I recently purchased the REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear for my vehicle, and I have been impressed with its performance. The installation process was straightforward, and the included accessories, such as the mount and USB cables, made it easy to set up in my car.

The video quality of this dash cam is exceptional. The 4K+1080P dual recording capability ensures that all the essential details, such as road signs and license plates, are captured with clarity. Even in low-light conditions, the camera’s night vision feature, combined with HDR/WDR technology, delivers clear footage.

I particularly appreciate the built-in GPS functionality of this dash cam. It records the driving route, real-time speed, and location, which can be tracked on Google Maps via the app or with the Windows and Mac GPSPlayer. This additional evidence can be invaluable in case of an accident.

The dash cam’s reliable features for accident recording have also impressed me. The loop recording ensures that the camera continues to record even when the memory card is full. Additionally, the G sensor promptly locks and saves collision videos, providing crucial evidence. The 24-hour parking monitor with time-lapse function is another great feature, although a hardware kit is required.

Key Features of REDTIGER Dash Cam

The REDTIGER Dash Cam offers a range of key features that make it a standout choice for car owners. With its 4K+1080P dual recording capability, it captures footage in high definition to ensure important details are clearly visible, such as road signs and vehicle number plates. The front wide angle of 170 degrees and rear wide angle of 140 degrees help to reduce blind spots and provide comprehensive coverage in case of unexpected accidents.

Superior Night Vision

The REDTIGER Dash Cam is equipped with an excellent optical lens featuring an ultra-large F1.5 aperture and 6 layers, along with HDR/WDR technology. This combination ensures clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions. Drivers can have peace of mind knowing that the dash cam will capture important details, such as license plates, even in the dark.

WiFi/Smart App Control

The dash cam can be easily connected to your smartphone via WiFi, allowing you to use the “Redtiger” app to view, playback, and manage the dash cam. This convenient feature enables you to download and edit videos directly on your phone. Additionally, with just one click, you can share your travel scenery and memorable moments with friends and family.

Dash Cam with GPS

The built-in GPS in the REDTIGER Dash Cam records the driving route, real-time speed, and location. You can easily track your route on Google Maps via WiFi using the app or with the dedicated Windows and Mac GPSPlayer. The GPS feature provides additional evidence in the event of an accident, giving you added reassurance on the road.

Reliable Features for Accident Recording

The REDTIGER Dash Cam offers reliable features for accident recording. With its loop recording function, the dash cam will continue recording even when the memory card is full, ensuring that no crucial footage is missed. In the event of a sudden collision, the G sensor detects it and automatically locks and saves the collision video. Additionally, the dash cam has a 24-hour parking monitor with time-lapse function, providing continuous recording and added security when parked.

Super Aftersales Support

REDTIGER is committed to customer satisfaction and provides excellent aftersales support. The dash cam is backed by a full 1-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns, their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you. You can rely on their technical support to address any issues or inquiries promptly.


  • The REDTIGER Dash Cam offers dual recording in 4K+1080P resolution, providing high-quality video footage for clear details and evidence.
  • It has superior night vision capabilities, thanks to its excellent optical lens and HDR/WDR technology, allowing for clear recording even in low-light conditions.
  • The dash cam comes with built-in Wi-Fi and a smart app control feature, allowing users to easily view, playback, and manage recordings on their smartphones. It also enables convenient video editing and sharing.


  • The dash cam does not come with a micro SD card, so users need to purchase one separately to start recording and storing footage.
  • Transferring videos from the camera to a smartphone using the app can be slow, and some users may prefer to remove the memory card and transfer directly to a computer for faster downloading.
  • The camera does not record speed accurately, always showing 000mph, which may be a drawback for users who rely on speed data for their recordings.


    In conclusion, the REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear is a highly capable and reliable device that offers excellent video quality, extensive features, and easy-to-use functionality. Its 4K+1080P dual recording, wide-angle lens, superior night vision, and GPS tracking make it a valuable companion on the road. With its reliable accident recording features and responsive customer support, this dash cam provides peace of mind and is definitely worth considering for anyone in need of a high-quality dash cam.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Does the REDTIGER Dash Cam come with a micro SD card?

    Answer: No, the dash cam does not come with a micro SD card. Users will need to purchase one separately.

    Question: Can I transfer videos directly to my smartphone using the app?

    Answer: Yes, you can transfer videos to your smartphone using the “Redtiger” app, but it may be slower compared to removing the memory card and downloading directly to a computer.

    Question: Does the dash cam accurately record speed?

    Answer: No, the dash cam does not record speed accurately and always shows 000mph, which may be a drawback for users who require speed data for their recordings.

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