Enhance Your Gaming Experience with the Ultimate Gaming Bundle


The Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad and Gaming Headset, Wired LED RGB Backlight Bundle for PC Gamers and Xbox and PS4 Users – 4 in 1 Edition Hornet RX-250, offered by the Orzly Store, is a comprehensive gaming package that includes all the essential peripherals for an immersive gaming experience. With its attractive design and impressive features, this bundle promises to enhance your gaming performance and enjoyment.

I recently purchased the Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad and Gaming Headset bundle, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The RGB lights add a vibrant and dynamic touch to my gaming setup, creating a visually stunning atmosphere. The gaming keyboard and mouse are highly responsive and comfortable to use, allowing me to execute swift and precise movements during gameplay. The headset provides clear, immersive sound, making me feel fully engaged in the virtual world. The overall quality of the products exceeded my expectations, especially considering the affordable price.

Complete Gaming Setup in One Bundle


The Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse Pad and Gaming Headset bundle, also known as the Hornet RX-250, offers a complete gaming setup in one convenient package. This bundle includes four essential items: a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse, a mouse pad, and a gaming headset. Whether you’re a PC gamer, a PS4 gamer, an Xbox gamer, or even a Retro Pie gamer, this bundle has got you covered. It’s also suitable for everyday computing tasks.The gaming keyboard and mouse feature RGB lights, adding a touch of style and enhancing the overall gaming experience. The keyboard comes with three rotating colors and a breathing mode, while the mouse offers four colors of circular breathing LED lights. The mouse also boasts four adjustable DPI settings, allowing for precise control during gameplay. Additionally, the wired membrane gaming keyboard provides anti-ghosting with 19 key rollover, smooth keystrokes, and adjustable legs for wrist comfort. With media control keys and gaming mode function keys, this keyboard is designed for optimal gaming performance.

Immersive Gaming Audio


The included gaming headset in the Hornet RX-250 bundle delivers immersive gaming audio with stereo sound. It offers deep bass and crisp highs for an enhanced gaming experience. The soft earpads ensure comfort during prolonged gaming sessions. The headset also features a foldable microphone with volume cord controls, allowing for easy adjustments while gaming. With its versatile 3.5mm audio jack, this headset is compatible with various devices, making it a versatile choice for gamers.

Great Value for the Price


Customers have praised the Hornet RX-250 bundle for its great value. This bundle provides a complete gaming setup at an affordable price. The RGB keyboard alone is a solid replacement for OEM keyboards, featuring a sturdy construction and excellent key response. The RGB mouse, though budget-friendly, offers a better feel compared to OEM mice. While the headset requires further testing, initial impressions indicate its quality and value for the price. Overall, this bundle offers an unbeatable value, making it an excellent choice for gamers on a budget.

Mixed Reviews on Quality


While the majority of customers have had positive experiences with the Hornet RX-250 bundle, some have raised concerns about the quality of certain components. One customer mentioned that the volume/media keys on the keyboard did not work as expected. Another customer noted that the headset and mouse felt cheaply made. However, these instances seem to be the exception rather than the norm. For the price, the overall quality of the bundle is satisfactory, providing an affordable gaming solution.

Easy to Set Up and Use


Customers have appreciated the ease of installation and use of the Hornet RX-250 bundle. The plug-and-play setup allows for a hassle-free experience, making it suitable for gamers of all skill levels. The keyboard, mouse, and headset can be connected quickly and effortlessly, allowing gamers to dive right into their favorite games. The bundle is compatible with various devices, ensuring versatility and convenience.

A Great Gift for Gamers


The Hornet RX-250 bundle, with its vibrant RGB lighting and comprehensive gaming features, makes for an excellent gift for gamers. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion, this bundle is sure to impress. The colorful set and the inclusion of essential gaming peripherals make it a practical and thoughtful gift choice. With its positive customer reviews and affordable price, the Hornet RX-250 bundle is a top-notch gift option for any gamer in your life.


  • This bundle includes a gaming keyboard, mouse, headset, and mouse pad, providing a complete starter pack for gamers.
  • The RGB lights on the keyboard and mouse enhance the gaming experience by creating a vibrant and customizable lighting setup.
  • The headset included in this bundle offers stereo sound, foldable microphone, and volume controls, providing a versatile and immersive audio experience.


  • Some users have reported that the volume/media keys on the keyboard do not work properly, which can be frustrating for users who rely on these controls.
  • The quality of the headset and mouse has been criticized by some users, who feel that they are cheaply made and not as durable as expected.
  • The spacebar on the keyboard requires more force to press compared to other keys, which can affect the typing experience for some users.


    In conclusion, the Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad and Gaming Headset bundle from the Orzly Store is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gamers. With its diverse compatibility, impressive features, and affordable price, this bundle offers great value for money. Whether you’re gaming on a PC, PS4, Xbox, or even a Retro Pie, this bundle has you covered. I highly recommend it to anyone in search of a complete gaming setup that delivers on performance and aesthetics.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Can I use this bundle for different gaming platforms?

    Answer: Yes, this bundle is compatible with PC gaming, PS4 gaming, Xbox gaming, and even Retro Pie gaming. It can also be used for normal day to day computing tasks.

    Question: Are the RGB lights on the keyboard and mouse customizable?

    Answer: Yes, the keyboard comes with 3 rotating colors and a breathing mode, while the mouse features 4 colors circular breathing LED. You can adjust the lighting settings according to your preference.

    Question: How is the sound quality of the included headset?

    Answer: The headset offers stereo sound with deep bass and crisp highs, providing an immersive audio experience. However, some users have mentioned that the headset feels cheaply made, so it may not meet the expectations of audiophiles or professional gamers.

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