Essential Equipment for Beginner Game Streamers


What is game streaming?

Game streaming refers to the act of broadcasting oneself playing video games live over the internet. It has become a popular form of entertainment and has given rise to a community of gamers who enjoy watching and interacting with streamers. Game streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming have made it easy for streamers to reach a wide audience and build a following. Streamers often engage with their viewers through live chat and donations, creating a unique and interactive experience. Game streaming requires a stable internet connection, a powerful computer, and the right equipment to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the streamer and the viewers.

Why having the right equipment matters

Having the right equipment is essential for beginner game streamers to provide a high-quality and professional stream. A good gaming computer with a powerful processor and graphics card is crucial for running games smoothly while streaming. A high-quality microphone is needed to ensure clear and crisp audio for commentary and interaction with viewers. A high-definition webcam allows viewers to see the streamer’s reactions and adds a personal touch to the stream. A reliable internet connection with sufficient upload speed is necessary to avoid buffering and lag. Additionally, a comfortable gaming chair, proper lighting, and background setup can enhance the overall streaming experience and make the streamer more engaging to watch. Investing in the right equipment from the beginning can help beginner game streamers stand out and attract a larger audience.


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Gaming PC or Console

A gaming PC or console is an essential piece of equipment for beginner game streamers. A gaming PC offers the flexibility to customize and upgrade components for optimal performance, while a console provides a more plug-and-play experience. When choosing a gaming PC, it’s important to consider the processor, graphics card, RAM, and storage capacity to ensure smooth gameplay and streaming. For consoles, popular options include the PlayStation and Xbox series. Both options offer a wide range of games and streaming capabilities. Ultimately, the choice between a gaming PC or console depends on personal preference, budget, and desired gaming experience.

Monitor or TV

A high-quality monitor or TV is crucial for an immersive gaming and streaming experience. When choosing a monitor, consider factors such as screen size, resolution, refresh rate, and response time. A larger screen size and higher resolution can enhance visual clarity and detail, while a higher refresh rate and lower response time reduce motion blur and input lag. For TVs, look for features like low input lag, high contrast ratio, and HDR support for vibrant colors and deep blacks. Additionally, consider the connectivity options such as HDMI and DisplayPort to ensure compatibility with your gaming setup. Overall, investing in a reliable and visually impressive monitor or TV is essential for beginner game streamers.

Audio Equipment


A high-quality microphone is essential for beginner game streamers to provide clear and professional audio to their audience. Look for a microphone that offers good sound quality and noise cancellation features to eliminate background noise. Additionally, a microphone with adjustable settings and a sturdy stand or mount will allow for optimal positioning and ease of use. Consider the Blue Yeti USB Microphone (ASIN: B002VA464S), which is highly recommended by many streamers for its excellent audio quality and versatile features. It offers multiple pickup patterns, adjustable gain control, and a headphone output for real-time monitoring.


Having a reliable pair of headphones is crucial for game streamers to accurately hear game audio and communicate with teammates. Look for headphones that provide clear sound reproduction, comfort for long gaming sessions, and a built-in microphone for easy communication. The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset (ASIN: B00SAYCVTQ) is a popular choice among game streamers. It offers immersive audio, comfortable memory foam ear cups, and a detachable noise-cancelling microphone. The headset’s durable construction and compatibility with multiple platforms make it a great choice for beginner game streamers.

Video Equipment

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A high-quality webcam is an essential piece of equipment for beginner game streamers. It allows your audience to see you clearly and enhances the overall viewing experience. When choosing a webcam, look for features such as HD resolution, autofocus, and low-light correction to ensure optimal image quality. The Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam (ASIN: B01LXCDPPK) is a popular choice among game streamers. It offers full HD 1080p video recording and streaming at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. With its built-in dual stereo microphones, you can also provide clear and crisp audio to your viewers. The C922x Pro Stream Webcam is compatible with popular streaming platforms and is easy to set up, making it a reliable option for beginner game streamers.

Green screen or background setup

Creating an appealing and professional-looking stream background is important for game streamers. A green screen or background setup allows you to replace your background with custom images or videos, adding a personal touch to your stream. The Elgato Green Screen (ASIN: B00KXUHXOO) is a highly recommended option. It is easy to set up, portable, and provides a wrinkle-free surface for a clean and polished look. The retractable design allows for quick and convenient storage when not in use. The Elgato Green Screen is compatible with popular streaming software and provides a seamless background replacement experience for your game streams.

Streaming Software and Accessories

Streaming software platforms

Streaming software platforms are essential tools for beginner game streamers, providing them with the means to broadcast their gameplay live to a wide audience. There are several popular streaming software platforms available, each with its own unique features and capabilities. One such platform is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which is a free and open-source software widely used by streamers. OBS allows users to capture and mix video and audio sources, add overlays and transitions, and stream to various platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Another popular streaming software platform is XSplit, which offers both free and paid versions. XSplit provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls and features like scene transitions, customizable overlays, and advanced audio controls. It also supports streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously, making it a great choice for beginner streamers who want to reach a wider audience.

Capture cards or game capture devices

Capture cards or game capture devices are essential equipment for beginner game streamers who want to showcase their console gameplay. These devices allow streamers to capture their gameplay footage and stream it live on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. One popular capture card brand is Elgato, which offers a range of devices with different capabilities and price points.

Elgato capture cards, such as the Elgato HD60 S, provide high-quality video and audio capture, allowing streamers to showcase their console gameplay with minimal latency. These devices connect to the console and computer via USB, making them easy to set up and use. They also come with software that allows streamers to customize their streams with overlays, webcam footage, and more.

Other capture card options include AverMedia and Razer, both offering devices that cater to different streaming needs and budgets. These capture cards are crucial for beginner game streamers who want to expand their streaming capabilities beyond PC games and showcase their console gaming skills to a broader audience.

Miscellaneous Accessories

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Lighting equipment

Proper lighting is essential for creating a professional-looking game streaming setup. Investing in good lighting equipment can significantly enhance the quality of your streams. One of the most popular options is LED ring lights, which provide even and soft lighting that eliminates shadows on your face. These lights can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect brightness and color temperature for your stream. Alternatively, you can consider using softbox lights, which offer more control over the direction and intensity of the light. They are especially useful for illuminating wider areas or if you have multiple people streaming together. Whichever lighting equipment you choose, make sure to position them in front of you to avoid casting shadows on your face. This will ensure that your viewers can clearly see your expressions and gameplay, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, controller)

When it comes to game streaming, having reliable and comfortable gaming peripherals is crucial. The right keyboard, mouse, and controller can greatly enhance your gaming performance and overall stream quality. For keyboard options, mechanical keyboards are highly recommended as they offer tactile feedback and faster response times. Additionally, programmable keys can be a great asset for streamers, allowing you to assign custom macros for quick actions during gameplay. As for mice, opt for models with adjustable DPI settings, ergonomic designs, and customizable buttons to suit your needs. Investing in a high-quality controller is also a smart choice, especially if you plan on streaming console games. Look for controllers with responsive buttons, comfortable grips, and wireless connectivity options. Remember, choosing peripherals that are comfortable for extended use is crucial, as you might be streaming for long periods at a time. Ultimately, having the right gaming peripherals can significantly improve your gameplay and make your streams more enjoyable for both you and your viewers.

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