GE Window Alarms: Easy Installation, Reliable Security Solution


I recently purchased the GE Window and Door Alarm 4 Pack for added security in my home. With its easy installation and reliable features, I was eager to see how it would enhance my peace of mind.

Setting up the alarms was a breeze, thanks to the included adhesive strips and battery tester. The loud alarm and chime options provided flexibility in alert preferences, and the low battery indicator was a convenient feature. I appreciated the quality and durability of the product, as well as the fact that it came with batteries included. However, I did encounter some challenges with placement on certain windows due to the flush surface requirement.

Easy Installation and Setup

The GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarms are designed for easy installation and hassle-free setup. Each alarm comes with a set of sticky pads for mounting, making it simple to place them on windows or doors. The package includes everything you need for installation, including four LR44 button batteries. With a battery test button and low battery indicator LED, you can ensure that your alarms are always ready to go. The user-friendly OFF/CHIME/ALARM switch allows you to customize your alert preferences with ease.

Reliable Home Security

These alarms are built to provide a reliable layer of protection for your home. With a 120-decibel alarm triggered by a high-quality magnetic sensor, you can ward off potential intruders and stay secure. The alarms are tested and designed to fortify your home, giving you peace of mind and empowering you to live worry-free. Whether you use them in your home, garage, apartment, or elsewhere, these alarms offer a sense of security that you can trust.

Versatile Usage and Effectiveness

The GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarms offer versatile usage and effective security measures. They can be used on various types of windows and doors, providing coverage wherever you need it. The alarms come in a pack of four, allowing you to enhance your home security with multiple units. Customers have praised the effectiveness of these alarms, noting their loud alarm sound and ease of use. Whether you need to protect against intruders or monitor sleepwalking family members, these alarms offer a reliable solution.

Long-lasting Battery Life

One standout feature of these alarms is their long-lasting battery life. Customers have reported that the included LR44 button batteries last for an extended period, providing reliable performance without frequent battery changes. The battery test button and low battery indicator make it easy to monitor the battery status and ensure that your alarms are always functioning properly. With a durable design and efficient power usage, these alarms offer a cost-effective and convenient security solution.

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarms. Positive reviews highlight the ease of installation, effectiveness of the alarms, and reliability of the product. Users appreciate the loud alarm sound, ease of setup, and peace of mind provided by these alarms. From protecting against intruders to monitoring sleepwalkers, customers have found various uses for these alarms and have praised their performance. With a high rating and positive feedback, these alarms have proven to be a popular choice for home security.


        Overall, the GE Window and Door Alarm 4 Pack exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and ease of use. It provided a reliable layer of protection for my home without the need for complicated wiring or Wi-Fi connectivity. I highly recommend this product for those seeking an affordable, user-friendly, and effective home security solution.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: Can the GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarms be easily removed and reinstalled?

        Answer: Yes, the alarms come with adhesive strips for easy removal and reinstallation, providing flexibility in using them in different locations.

        Question: Are the batteries included with the alarms replaceable, and how long do they last?

        Answer: Yes, the alarms come with replaceable LR44 button batteries included, with a battery tester feature to check their status. The battery life can vary but generally lasts a long time.

        Question: How effective are the alarms in deterring potential intruders?

        Answer: The 120-decibel alarm is loud and can serve as a strong deterrent for intruders. Many users have reported feeling more secure with these alarms in place and find them reliable in alerting them to any unauthorized entry attempts.

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